Tenggol Island

A hidden gem in the turquoise blue water of South China Sea.

If you’re planning to make this trip from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, you can just drive up to Dungun Jetty in Kuala Dungun, park your car, and off you go. This island is located 45 minutes away from the jetty with speed boat. Upon arrival, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of white sandy beaches, and unspoiled corals with a host of nudibranch and pelagic marine life in its surrounding waters. It’s a quiet island and surroundings are highly blessed with a healthy level of flora and fauna.

Like all islands on the east coast of the peninsular, Tenggol is affected by the northeast monsoon and all resorts are closed from month November to February.

The major draw for all you divers out there – come underwater in August and September and you’ll most likely have an encounter with our wild gentle giant, the whale shark. Looking to explore new dive sites? Tenggol is certainly every diver's next paradise.

Kuala Dungun Town

Kuala Dungun is the capital of Dungun District, Terengganu, Malaysia. It is situated midway between Tanjung Jara and Paka.