Tioman Island

One of South East Asia most beautiful island, her beauty was first introduced to the world in 1985 through the movie South Pacific. Since then, it has become one of the favourite islands among fellow travellers.

Located off the east coast of peninsular, the island is accessible via Mersing or Tanjung Gemok Jetty, a town situated on the east coast of Johor. In comparison to the other island along the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, the island facilities and lodging are well established. There are also several cultural villages situated on the island. One can find a huge variety of food stalls operating in almost every corner of these villages. Best of all, purchases on this island is duty free!

Similar to other islands located by the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, March to October is the best time to visit. Water visibility use to best in April, May, and October.

The island has been acclaimed as a geological wonder. It’s an ecological paradise when it’s blessed with a lovely sea, sandy beaches, and lush tropical forest – and these are enough reasons for a visit.

Ayer Batang Village

Located a few kilometres south of Kampong Salang, we will arrive in this quiet and laid back village surrounded by natural forest. Here, you will find one of the finest beaches in Tioman. Also, you can book your stay in the chalets and longhouses at the western tip of the village. These accommodations are blessed with a sea front view.

It’s all about peace and relaxation in this village. Thus, sit back and pamper yourself with the sensation sea view. Honourable mention; diving and snorkelling here are just as good as other sites. Coming to Tioman? Consider this village your pit stop. Make it your base and recharge yourself for your next dive!

Tekek Town

Every region on Earth has its capital, and this village serves as the capital of Tioman Island. It’s the biggest village in Tioman Island after all. Most likely, you will first set your feet on this village if you’re arriving by air. The village has its own private airport to serve air travel purposes.

Low on your daily necessity supplies? There are convenient stores here to do the restocks for you. Looking for a place to crash? Chalets and hotels are here to save the day for you. You’ll have all you need here. All you need to do is book your next holiday with us now!

Juara Village

A village blessed with fine shores and crystal clear water; you’ll find this village as your base can be just as good as other options available on Tioman Island. This village is considerably quiet compared to the villages nearby but not as muted as one may think. With mini marts and restaurant scattered around, you don’t have to travel for to get all you need.

As far as we are concerned, snorkelling in the nearby coral reefs is ideal as the water here is rather calm with good visibility. There is a long going project to restore the turtle populations here too. Take a trip to the turtle sanctuary, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see the eggs hatching and witness the little ones take their baby steps. Have an extra day to spare after all the dives out there? Come over and make your discovery now.

Salang Village

Salang is a popular beach destination at the north of Pulau Tioman, located along the west coast in a secluded bay. A youthful spot that attracts large crowds of global backpackers, the village is a great place for meeting people across the world over beer or two, with a good range of budget hotels along the beach and countryside. Salang is also a diver's den, being the closest village to many reef sites and wrecks around Tioman. A high concentration of pubs and restaurants cater for the village's active nightlife scenery, the resorts also participating by holding bonfire parties by the beach.

The last stop on the Mersing ferry route, Salang offers a balanced holiday getaway among all villages. For nature lovers, a 3.5km jungle trail through thick rainforest and steep hills leads south to Panuba Bay and Ayer Batang (ABC Village), passing through the picturesque Monkey Bay and Monkey Beach on a two-hour plus trek.