• Redang Island
  • a) Long Beach
  • b) Teluk Dalam Village

Redang Island

To relax, there are some basic prerequisites to be met. Divers and sun worshipper alike love the turquoise blue ocean, white powder beaches, coral reefs, and virgin tropical forest. So, problem solved. Nature aside, this island is rather happening. If you’re chilling harder than party, and wants to party than you chill, no problem too. This place has one of the best night life among the islands we have on offer for you. On Redang Island, we will make sure you’re well entertained.

Although it has a small airport, the most convenient access is from Kuala Terengganu on boats operated by resorts of Redang Island. Shahbandar and Merang Jetty are the places where you can have access to the island. Bidong and Lang Tengah islands are also a stone throw away.

Affected by northeast monsoon strong wind and rough sea, most of the resorts are closed during month November to February. Recommend the island along with its 8 surrounding islets have been gazetted as Marine Park. Corals and tropical fishes can normally be seen just a few meters from the beach. Also, Redang and its neighbouring island Perhentian are important conservation sites for sea turtles. Looking to catch a sight of these little creatures? Redang may just be the place to be.