• Perhentian Island
  • a) Perhentian Besar Island
  • b) Perhentian Kecil Island

Perhentian Island

Perhentian Islands have all the sunshine, sea breeze, fine sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and beautiful coral reef which everyone craves to see. It’s certainly a tropical paradise for both foreigners and locals alike. You can get everything in order easily as transportation is pretty flexible at all times; meals, accommodations and island activities can be arranged in advance according to preferences.

Situated in the Northeast of Peninsular Malaysia, the islands are easily accessible via the States of Kelantan and Terrenganu. Travelling to the islands via Besut Jetty is rather hassle free. It takes only 45 minutes to reach the islands with speed boat.

Island hopping to Redang and Lang Tengah can be an ad-hoc part of your itinerary. Perhentian Islands are made up of 2 main islands. Whether it’s a backpacker's inn or luxury secluded resort, you can find the well-established lodging facilities on 2 of the main islands. Also, there are plenty of dive sites to accommodate divers of all level. Untouched islets with flour like sand and pristine corals are also among the major highlights here. This place is highly popular among travellers around the world. Hence, come over, gather about, and meet new people!