• Semporna Town
  • a) Kapalai Island
  • b) Mabul Island
  • c) Bohey Dulang Island
  • d) Mataking Island
  • e) Sipadan Island
  • f) Timba Timba Island
  • g) Pom Pom Island
  • h) Sibuan Island

Semporna Town

Similar to Kota Kinabalu, this city serves as a stopover and a departing point to the islands by the shores of Borneo in Celebes Sea. One way or the other, this city attracts youthful travellers from around the world. They have come to experience the unique Borneo culture and most of all, to hop onto the number one diving spot in the world, Sipadan Island. Tun Sankaran Marine Park can be a refreshing stopover spot before one moves on to the one of the many islands out there.

The city is just an hour’s drive away from Tawau Airport, Sabah. Sibuan, Kapalai, Mataking, Sipadan, and so on are all paradise like islands which you should highly consider during your stay in the city.