• Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island

What else need we say? As we know it, this is the world’s number one diving spot. Best suggestion from us to you? The Barracuda Point. Turtles, whitetip sharks, batfish, jacks, barracuda, etc; you name it, this place has it, and you can see them all most likely in just one dive. It’s just that good. You will do your wall dive here along a cliff which is 600m down to the sea bed. The impressive thing is, daily visitors to the island is limited to 120 individuals.

Located off the coasts of Semporna, Semporna Jetty is the departing point for fellow divers and travellers. For some reasons, the island is highly protected by the Navy and there are no resorts on the island.

Nevertheless, the island is open to public all year round.

With strict measures in place, marine ecology here is very well protected for all to indulge. Want the best sight for your dive? We recommend Sipadan Island.