• Gemia Island

Gemia Island

It’s more fair to say, this paradise is a new born tourism spot. This tiny little island is blessed with a coral garden and a very colourful marine life.

It’s situated only 800m off Pulau Kapas, which is accessible via the town of Marang. As of now, this island is still less known to tourist. If you’re a good swimmer, you can even swim around the island as it’s only 9 acres of size. Birdwatching is the main draw on this island, as sightings of eagles are common here. Wildlife just thrives on this small piece of rock here.

The same thing applies, no visit during rainy season.

To date, there’s only one resort on the island. However, the same cannot be said for the future as the number of tourists is raising.Before it gets crowded, now’s the best time to enjoy this hidden gem.