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  • Miri City

Miri City

Who says you need an island as the natural setting for your diving trip? And who says the water in Miri is polluted by the oil and gas industry? Folks, one trip is all we need to prove you wrong. The water off the coast of Miri boasts both nature and wrecks for divers who craves both.

Miri is easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as there are direct flights from the former and the latter’s international airport. Make your way to Marina Bay Jetty of Miri and you will have access to the dive sites from there.

Jump into the sea with no sights of shore and island. As far as we are concerned, divers usually flock to other more well-known islands like Perhentian and Sipadan. However, dive sites here could be a sunken oil rig, or a giant rock 50m in depth under the sea. Corals here are also one of the healthiest in the world. Come over now and witness it for yourself, we will prove you wrong.